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Air & Liquid Advisors (ALA) is a market leader that actively participates brokering and facilitating energy related commodity trading. Specifically, ALA specializes in brokering all of the domestic and international environmental emission markets on the behalf of a broad range of clients from utilities to financial institutions. In addition, Air & Liquid Advisors brokers power, natural gas, and capacity for their energy and financial clients.

ALA is committed to providing its clients with the highest level of services and precise order execution by a team of veteran brokers and energy market professionals with over 50 years of industry experience.

 Current Market Prices

Spec Vin Bid Ask
NOX ANNUAL 2009-12-01 550 650
SO2 ANNUAL 2009-12-01 82 86
RGGI 2009-12-01 2.30 2.38

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What We Can Do For You

ALA offers services to assist clients in developing structures that best meet their overall emissions, capacity and REC requirements. We provide market knowledge and insight to clients seeking to use power and RECs as a mechanism for project finance by focusing on structures that enable market participants determine a projects potential profitability. Our group's experience in closing transactions for the underlying power products has proved to be a great asset in this regard. ALA has extensive background in the energy and financial markets, with over 80 years combined energy and financial market experience.